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DJ/Producer : A-Peace,

Birth Name : Ahmed Osama , Born In 1993 , HomeTown : Cairo

He Started Playing Piano At The Age Of 4 As The Youngest And The Only Piano Player In His School Which He Had

A Big Experience About The Music Theory In A Young Age ,

Then He Turned Into Listening Rock & Metal Band Like : Linkin Park - Bullet For My Valentine - Evenecense - Him

At The Same Time His Love To The House And Electro Music Made Him Had Special Techniques And Different Styles.

And At The Age Of 11 He Started His DJ Career With Mixing And Producing Until He Became One Of The Talented

DJ/Producers In Egypt And He Made A Great Successful In A Short Amount Of Time Which Shows That He Had

Brilliant Talents And Strong Felt.

Last modified on Saturday, 14 May 2011 12:09