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Max Bragantini a.k.a. Max B

Max Bragantini, Italian DJ and Producer, born in 1976, starts from young to express his passion for music: he studied piano in the meantime started to collect vinyl records from all over the world, the most diverse genres.
But is the "dance" music to give him the strongest feelings and push it at the age of 15 years to proposed for the first time as a DJ in the disco.
In the late 90's, thanks to encounter with the DJ / producers Yano, Corrado and Ottomix, Max B begins to love and to propose the 'African' musical genre characterized by slow bpm and ethnic influences and electronic equipment.
This turn led him to perform at the console of the most important clubs and events linked to this music alongside the biggest DJs in Europe.
Meanwhile, the longstanding friendship with DJ / producer Raf Marchesini became an important artistic partnership that will deliver many productions and remixes: Children of Drum 'El Canto Del Pilon', ST Connection 'Jingo Chic' remix, Yano 'Rumba Gitana' remix Marchesini & Farina vs Max B 'Majestade Real' and the remix for Wild & Klosman feat. Audrey Valorzi "Discover".
In 2009 he released his last production made with her partner, Raf Marchesini named "Raf Marchesini & Max B 'Farao', it became one hits, climbing all the charts week after week.
In 2010 he released his new remix ever made with Raf Marchesini for the new production Loco Tribal 'Kuma Ya'.
In 2011, always with Raf Marchesini makes the remix for the new album Loco Tribal Kanta Fallah "

In 2011, always leaves her single "Samba Reagge" that leads him to the heights of numerous Italian and international charts.
The Official video youtube scale the charts and is transmitted in the major musical themes TV.

In 2012 realizes the remix for "Electroluv vs. Raf Marchesini" - Do not stop moving right 2012 - scaling the European charts.
in 2013 realizes a edm song with the Venezolan dj Wizzard became a hit in the Italian dj Chart.

Is now working on her new single "Mother Earth".

The Itunes Podcast"My Musical Trip" became a weekly podcast in Itunes with almost 30.000 listeners in the world and in the meantime a radioshow broadcasted in the best edm radio in the world.

"My Musical Trip" tour-live was in more countrys in the world like Italia, Austria,Germany, Switzerland and now Venezuela and Brazil.

In the 2014 more big news! Stay Tuned

Last modified on Monday, 31 March 2014 15:13
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